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Krieg Chalk Bag - The Hangout

Krieg Chalk Bag


The Krieg Chalk Bag Collection


These deep bags look awesome and are a delight to use. 

Krieg Chalk Bags come in a huge variety of prints, textures and colours many that we can't list them all individually. 

Each bag comes with all the bells and whistles that you might want. They are lined with Polartec fleece and feature a substantial zip up pocket on the back ....just right to stow away your jewellery and some cash to buy a drink after your climb. They close tightly with a toggle and drawstring  so that the chalk stays wear it is meant to. It also features a sturdy elasticized brush holder so that you can clean those holds on your way, without continually dropping your old toothbrush on your belayer below. Each bag comes with it's own easy to adjust fastex waist belt. 

Part of what makes these chalk bags so special is that nearly every one is unique. Let us know if there is something in particular that you are looking for and we will do our best to send you your perfect chalk bag! We have patterned ones, corduroy ones, fluffy ones, ones with skulls on, floral ones ...the list just goes on and on. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about these awesome chalkies, or leave notes when you are checking out about what sort of bag you would like. 


  • Huge variety of designs (only one available of most)
  • Zip up pocket
  • Lined with fleece
  • Draw string for closure
  • Comes with adjustable and removable waist belt
  • Brush holder on side

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