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Kong Napik and Ghost - The Hangout

Kong Napik and Ghost

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 Kong Napik and Ghost Belay Set

Comprises of the Kong Ghost belay device and the Napik Carabiner!

The Kong Ghost is ideal for all your climbing adventures.
One of the lightest multi-use belay devices on the market and beautifully finished.
Works on 7.5mm twin ropes or project-working 10.5mm cords.
From auto-block belay or rappelling the Ghost is easy to use and smooth to operate.
It allows dynamic belay to the leader and self-locking belay to the second.(independent if there are two seconds).

Kong HMS Napik Carabiner is designed for belaying with tube devices such as the Kong Ghost. A smaller and lighter weight HMS compared to Kong's top selling Classic HMS. Sure to be a top choice for alpine climber and the weight conscious free climber.

Product Description

  • Total Weight: 135 grams
  • Rope Diameter: 7.5mm - 10.5mm
  • various colours

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