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Edelrid Fraggle Childrens Harness XS - The Hangout

Edelrid Fraggle Childrens Harness XS


 Fraggle XS Full Body Harness for Children

The Edelrid Fraggle is a full body children’s harness designed for kids who weigh up to 40kg. This harness is really easy to put on and is very user-friendly. The leg loops and shoulder straps are well padded which not only makes it more comfortable for the wearer, but it makes it easier to put on and take off by enabling the harness to better maintain its shape. As well as the normal front tie in loops it features an additional tie-in loop at the back for securing when on steep and/or rough terrain.

 Suitable for children up to 40kg (with torso 50 - 70cm and Legs up to 37cm)

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