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BEAL Semi Static 10.5mm Rope - The Hangout

BEAL Semi Static 10.5mm Rope

$2.95 $3.50

Sold by the Metre


We will cut and seal the ends of the rope with a "hot knife".

Diameter 10.5mm
Static Strength 2500 Dan (Kg)
Strength With Figure 8 Knot 1750 Dan (Kg)
Number Of Factor 1 Falls 12 (100 Kg)
Impact Force Factor 0.3 5.60 Kn
Elongation 50/150kg 3,0 %
Sheath Slippage 0 mm
Weight Per Meter 68 G
Sheath Percentage 36 %
Weight of The Core 64 %
Shrinkage In Water 5 %
Material Core Polyamid (Pa)
Sheath Material Polyamid (Pa)

(This rope is semi static and as such not suitable for lead climbing)

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