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Express Post

We are starting to see more and more people wanting their gear faster and faster, after all, who doesn't want their new toys sooner!

In response, we will now offer an EXPRESS POST option for you to add to cart. We will still be offering FREE POST for orders over $99 through our normal delivery lines but if you really want your gear that bit faster you are welcome to add the correct Express Post option to your order and we will get you your gear that little bit quicker.

Now, Australia post does have some rules on Delivery times and you might want to see if this option really works for you (I am fairly certain it will alays be the quicker option no matter what) It most likely will never be next day delivery to over east, as we are not Perth CBD. Times for deliveries will vary based on times of day orders are received and parcels fina location. Please refer to THIS PAGE for full details on delivery times.

Please also note if you select a pack that does not fit your order, we will do our best to contact you for your prefered option change but if we cant get hold of you pronto, we will refund your Express post part of payment and send via normal delivery. If you are uncertain, feel free to drop us a line and we will advise your best options. 

Please select carefully from our variant drop down options, incorrect selections will slow things down.

As a guide, a harness will fit into a 3kg bag, A rope (50m or 60m) fits in a 5kg bag (Squishy but we can generally get it in) Shoes with box generally need a 5kg bag just for the box size, if you pick a 3kg we will hold the box back here unless you really want it then tell us to disasemble the box and add it in.

Most Hangboards don't fit :(

Boulder PAds definitely don't fit :P



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