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8B+ Boulder Bag - The Hangout

8B+ Boulder Bag


Introducing Heidi and Peter!

Boulderjunkies, your Chalk has a new home!

Don’t be fooled by our relaxed natures. We are all about bouldering and we “got it going on!”. Oozing with fresh "charakter" and individuality as well as innovative technical features!

Make no mistake about our awesomness! We stand up proud and strong ….especially when you put your boulder guide in our clever dirtproof base pocket! We are so strong and stable that almost nothing will knock us over!

Rough and tough on the outside, and soft on the inside!

Want to fit a whopping 2kg of chalk in us? ….no problem! Want us to hold your boulder brushes for you? ….no problem! Want us to store your valuables in a zip up pocket? … problem! Want to give us a little cuddle because we are so damn adorable? ….NO PROBLEM!!!! We are Hector & Heidi!

  • 4 Brush Holders
  • Dirtproof base pocket
  • Zipper side pocket
  • Stretch side pocket
  • Extra steady shape
  • Centered cord closure (so we will keep our great shape when closed)
  • Durable ripstop & Polyester on the outside
  • Soft fleece lining on the inside
  • 25cm x 25cm
  • Hand Made
  • Developed and tested by boulderers
  • Designed in Austria

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