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Arapiles 444 Of The Best - The Hangout

Arapiles 444 Of The Best


Arapiles 444 Of The Best

Presenting a new addition to the Onsight Photography range of guidebooks. This is a very affordable, small-format, selected routes guidebook to Mount Arapiles. The author of this no-nonsense book is local climber Gordon Poultney. This is a complete revamp of some earlier budget Arapiles guidebooks which Gordon, in fact, produced back as far as 1995. This book covers the best routes at all grades, it’s pocket-sized and has the usual high standard of photography, design and production that you’d expect from Onsight Photography.

  • This is a no-nonsense guidebook covering the best routes at all grades at one of Australia’s most popular climbing areas.
  • Authored by local climber Gordon Poultney. This is actually the fourth edition of a guidebook that Gordon started back in 1995; this time fully revised, updated, expanded and with professional photography and design.
  • This small but inspiring book features cliff and action photography by Simon Carter.
  • Numerous cliff photo topos and user-friendly design helps make route finding a breeze.
  • Small and compact — only 120 x 170mm in size; put it in your pocket, hang it off your harness.
  • 132 pages, full colour.
  • With a recommended retail price of only $19.95 (including GST), this book is perfect not only for short-term visitors — but also for anyone interested in the best routes or wanting just a small format book to carry around.

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