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Axis Quick Link

Axis Quick Link


Axis Quick Link

Strong, reliable and affordable!

(Quick Links are also known as a "maillon" or "mallion" in other coutries and in different idustries).

Axis Steel Quicklinks made in a variety of shapes to suit most roping activities. Common activities include mountaineering, caving, rope access and anchors. Can be used for connecting harnesses to lanyards, descenders or ascenders to lanyards, setting up fixed anchors.

Quicklinks are not suitable in situations where constant opening and closing of the connector are required.

Always make sure that the nut is completely screwed shut. Tighten with a wrench for semi permanent replacement. Always replace the Quicklink when it is used to prevent a fall. Always check your Quicklink before use for corrosion, deformation, and that the nut opens and closes smoothly. If in doubt retire the item from use.

The working load limit of these quickinks is approx one fifth the breaking load.

10mm Squares

10mm Delta's

8mm Delta's

8mm Pears

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