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Camp Energy CR4 Harness - The Hangout

Camp Energy CR4 Harness


Camp Energy CR4 Harness

Available in RED and GREY options.

This harness provides comfort, adjustability and quality  ....all at an amazing price!

  • Suitable for both advanced and beginner climbers.
  • Features thermo-formed padded waist and legs. This allows the harness to mold to the body for a comfortable fit, allowing you to move with ease.
  • Twin auto-locking buckles on the waist gives you enormous size adjustability so you get a good fit. This is perfect for growing teens, those likely to lose or gain wait. It also enables climbers to wear bulkier clothing in cold conditions and still keep a good harness fit.
  • Adjustable leg loops for also aids a broad fit range.
  • 4 webbing reinforced gear loops.
  • Has a haul loop (convenient for those that like to attach a chalk bag to their harness with a carabiner).
  • Light feeling and sporty looking for a harness featuring four buckles!
  • RED option has red fabric and bar stitching with grey belay loop and webbing.
  • GREY option has Grey fabric and webbing, with lime green bar stitching and gear loops.
Size Waist (cm) Legs (cm)
Size 1 (XS-M) 62-82 46-56
Size 2 (M-XL) 76-100 52-62

Red or Grey




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