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Edelrid Zap O Mat - The Hangout

Edelrid Zap O Mat

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Edelrid Zap O Mat


Slight Visual wear, (small scratching and discolouring- Otherwise product 100%


Through the use of an adjustable tension spring the Edelrid Zap-O-Mat is the worlds first adjustable belay device. The ingenious idea of having a loaded spring in the handle means the Edelrid Zap-O-Mat is ideal for every sport climbing situation and for every belayer regardless of weight or rope thickness. Soft or dynamic belaying is possible without having to jump. Push the green "spring load“ button in, and the rope can be paid out easily for on sight or red point attempts. Release the spring by pushing the button on the bottom side of the handle and the central bolt moves easily and the Zap-O-Mat blocks quickly. Ideal for working routes or when the climber is heavier than the belayer. When lowering, the integrated karabiner arrester prevents the unit from being pushed to far thus increasing the braking power. The perfect device for the safety and comfort conscious climber. Useable for single ropes between 8.9 mm and 10.5 mm. The Zap-O-Mat is a hybrid tuber unit and not a semi automatic belay device.


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