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ICP Micro 2 - The Hangout

ICP Micro 2



Indoor Climbing Productions has upgraded their fingerboard!   ....and we love it!

Made in Australia by good folk who want to help you reach your climbing potential. These high quality fingerboards are made out of modern high quality materials so that they last (and they don't smell like yucky chemicals!).

This new and improved fingerboard is micro in size but packed full of features. Each grip has been designed to focus on isolation and repetition training. Every edge has been carefully tapered to reduce unnecessary tendon injuries while distributing the load evenly across the pads of each finger. Intended to spice up your in-house climbing and keep your fingers strong, the Micro 2 will keep you entertained for hours. 

Suited for moderate to advanced climbers – small enough to be out of view.

Main features

2 x open crimps
2 x closed crimps
2 x gaston crimps
2 x slopers
2 x two finger pockets
1 x one finger pocket
1 x positive in-cut edge
69cm (L)  x 4cm (H) x 3cm (W)

Incredibly the Micro's grip offers perfect traction for repetition training while minimizing potential skin damage and rips.

The new Micro 2 perfectly fits into your home. Designed to fit above your doorway architraves with a sleek and modern profile that belongs within the heart of your house. Every board includes 4 screw holes, screws, instructions and some basic training information. Everything you need to improve your climbing.



MUST be supported on top of a wooden strip (door way architrave).
MUST be screwed into suitable studs/beams.
ICP also recommend you find a clean, warm and inviting place to train with-in your home. Use your bedroom door, office etc... Try and avoid under stairs, garages and other places where you will not want to hang out.


Remember to warm up before using any training-boards! This product is designed to be used by moderate to advanced climbers and (like all strength training products) should be used with care to avoid finger injuries.


Keeping it real! - ICP are very mindful of reducing their carbon footprint during production, packing and transportation.

COLOURS CHOSEN AT RANDOM, email for current in stock choices.

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