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ICP Mondo Mini Hangboard - The Hangout

ICP Mondo Mini Hangboard


ICP fingerboards are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to train. There creative designs make it easy to build strength and help push your climbing to the limit. All ICP fingerboards are crafted out of the best materials available, making them extremely hard to chip. Anybody looking to improve his or her power and strength will gain from an ICP fingerboard. With 3 designs available it’s easy to pick a board to suit your needs."

The MondoMini is a simple, sexy board that is fun to use at an affordable price. Beginner to intermediate grips. Textured with ICP Grit.

Mounting screws and training guide included.

  • Dimensions: 540mm long X 170mm high
  • 2x large jugs
  • 2x angled crimps
  • 2x two finger pockets
  • 1x rounded slope
  • 2x pinch grips
  • 2x two finger pockets
    A quality Australian Made product!

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