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ICP Mondo Plus Hangboard - The Hangout

ICP Mondo Plus Hangboard

$154.95 $165.00

20 Different grips designed specifically for improving your strength means there is no limit to what you can train. With an ICP custom training program written by one of Australia’s top climbing coaches and a complete description of what each grip can do for you. It’s easy to train your needs.

ICP's MondoPlus Board is an extended design from its smaller brother (The MondoMini) and is packed with features. Deep pockets, extra slopers and more edges give beginner to intermediate climbers more to train on. All pockets have a smooth textured front helping reduce damage to your fingers skin, while ICP Grit increases the friction on slopers and pockets so you can train longer.

  • Dimensions: 510mm long x 200mm high
  • 2x large jugs
  • 2x wide pinch grips
  • 2x narrow pinch grips
  • 2x flat sloper
  • 1x rounded sloper
  • 2x large edge
  • 2x angled crimps
  • 2x three finger pockets
  • 2x two finger pockets
  • 2x one finger pockets

Material: Polyurethane

A quality Australian Made product!

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