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Metolius Yosemite Chalk Bags - The Hangout

Metolius Yosemite Chalk Bags


Metolius Yosemite Chalk Bags

These rugged chalk bags are a good size, well made and come with buckled belts, making them a great climbing essential. These are the best value for money chalk bag around!

These two bags look really similar, however the Yosemite is a classic cylinder style and the Competition is slightly Tapered in shape.

  • Full-length pile lining to hold the chalk nicely.
  • Stiff, easy-access rim so you can chalk up fast.
  • Brush holder so you can climb with your fave cleaning brush to tame any "spoogey", dirty holds you come across.
  • Includes belt w/side-release buckle. These buckles belts are much easier to use than a cord

*Available in both styles and Various Colours. If you have a preference then just leave a note at checkout. Otherwise we will randomly select a bag for you. We cannot guarantee your preference but will do our best, and we are always contactable to discuss your preferences further. (Email: or Phone: (08) 9371 9939).


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