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Rokodromo Climbing Holds Large Set 23 - The Hangout

Rokodromo Climbing Holds Large Set 23


Rokodromo Climbing Holds - Large - Set 23


This set consists of 5 Large holds. These are nice Sandstone like jugs for easy moves and new climbers on flat walls. They can also be used for harder moves on overhanging walls up to 50 degrees steep.


These fabulous holds were designed by Dai Koyamada from Dai Holds.


Weight (grams): 1850g


Please carefully check the colour of item before ordering! The images do not necessarily represent the colour of the available item.


Manufactured by Rokodromo.



The beautifully crafted Holds and volumes made by Rokodromo are manufactured using superior materials and techniques.  These PolyUrethane (PU) climbing holds are super durable and come in inspiring shapes.

Made from a unique formulation of PolyUrethane designed specifically for climbing holds!

NOT ALL POLYURETHANES ARE THE SAME! Rokodromo’s polyurethane formulation was specially developed in collaboration with Europe’s largest polyurethane manufacturer to be exceptionally strong and to retain the texture of the hold through improved surface hardness. This formulation, used in combination with Rokodromo’s modern machine injection technology creates very strong holds that are both durable and lightweight. We are so impressed with the strength and durability of these holds that *WE PROMISE TO REPLACE ANY THAT BREAK!

·         Holds and volumes produced by Rokodromo comply with standard UNE-EN 12572:3

·         Made in Spain

·         There are too many cool features seen in Rokodromo produced holds to list! Read more about these technical features, and why we love Rokodromo so much HERE

·         We are proud to bring the wide range of Rokodromo holds and volumes to Australia that you can see here at our online pro-shop. All of the items listed here are already in our West Australian storeroom, ready to be posted directly to you anywhere in Australia.

·         Discounts available for orders above $3000. Please contact us directly by email at to discuss this further.

·         The Rokodromo manufacturing centre not only produces Rokodromo brand holds, they also produce holds and volumes for other great European brands such as PSYCO ART HOLDS, LOOP, DAI HOLDS and THE GECKOWORLD. Unfortunately we don’t have every available hold and volume produced by Rokodromo in stock (only what you can see on our online store). If you are interested in specific holds, volumes, sets or colours then please feel free to contact us directly at




*We will replace any holds that break or are damaged so long as they have been used for their intended purpose and attached to the climbing surface in the intended manner. We will not replace any holds destroyed by the use of dynamite or other explosives, large monsters, large machinery ….or any other non-climbing related crazy ideas that you might come up with!

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